Portable Devices for Cryosurgery and Therapy.

Leader of the project: Leonid P. Mezhov-Deglin, dr.phys.-math.sc., prof., head of Laboratory of quantum crystals ISSP RAS.

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The method of local cryodestruction seams to be one of the mildest alternatives to the traditional surgical intervention methods. In local freezing healthy cells and surrounded centers of cryonecrosis are not altered. This particularity of method allows consider the manner of freezing a «physical extirpation» The cryosurgical techniques are successfully used in common and pediatric surgery, otorhinolaryngology, ophtalmology, urology, gynecology, oncology, dermatology and cosmetology. A longtime experience of the cryosurgery departments in a few multispecialized Moscow hospitals has demonstrated the efficiency, high therapeutic effect and absence of complications after the cryosurgical treatment.

The development of cryogen treatment is connected with the usage of different apparatus. During last years the scientific researches and experimental development have been carried out in the Laboratory of quantum crystals ISSP RAS which were focused on creation of portable cryogenic devices – sprayers of liquid nitrogen and cryodestructors with removable active tips cooled by liquid nitrogen. These devices are suitable for usage in provincial outpatient clinics in Russia . Some of the models designed in ISSP were recommended by the Council of a new techniques of the Russian Ministry of Health for a wide approbation in leading medical clinics and are on use now in a few clinics of Moscow region and clinics of RAS in Chernogolovka research center and in St. Petersburg .

A number of very simple and reliable models of cryodestructors (cryoapplicators) and cryosprayers designed in the Laboratory are shown in the Figure.

The constructions of our cryodevices and some results of their application for treatment of children as well as elderly patients have been published in scientific and medical journals and have been presented as the oral and poster reports at the International and Russian conferences on cryosurgery. Investigations in this area are under continuation now.