13 | 08 | 2020 


  • Crystallographic orientation of single crystal samples. Laue method.
  • Single crystal cuts in a desired direction. Laue method. (together with the Optical workshop).
  • X-ray phase analysis. Powder diffraction. Debye-Scherrer method (for small samples).
  • Making textural analysis in a polycrystalline sample.
  • Determine crystal structures using Rietveld refinement.
  • Low-temperature powder diffraction (80-270K).
  • Single crystal x-ray analysis (15-450K and high pressure in DAC).
  • 3D microscopy and element analysis.
siemens s

The x-ray diffractometer Siemens-D500-BRAUN is intended for analysing of polycrystalline materials. The device allows to phase analysis, textural analysis and crystal structure Rietveld refinement. Distinctive features: good resolution and fast data collection

versa s

VERSA 3D HighVacversa – the instrument combining a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the Focused Ionic Beam (FIB) provided enough capabilities for most investigations of structure and element analysis of a samples surface. SEM with FIB allows to cover 3D imaging, analytical or sample preparation needs. The special software reconstructs a 3D structure of material.

gemini s1

The Oxford Diffraction Gemini single crystal diffractometer with the CCD detector is available for sample screening, structure analysis as well as other crystallographic experiments with the resolution up to 0.35 A. There are possibilities to investigate crystals at wide temperature range of 15 - 800 K or in Diamond Anvill Cells (DAC) at pressure up to 50 GPa. Mo and Cu radiations give a possibilities to use the diffractometer with all single crystals.